Kohli and Team India’s gift for Lala on retirement!

Virat's gift for Lala

Pakistan and India have got arguably the biggest cricketing rivalry in the world. There have been so many great matches, so many fights on the field, the politics and everything. Both the teams and their fans love to hate each other. Who can forget Miandad mimicking Kiran More, Shoaib Akhtar and Harbhajan Singh fight as well as the exchange of fiery words between Gambhir and Afridi.

Shahid Afridi and Virat

With all these fights and the eternal hate, one must surely think that there is no way that these two rivals and their players could get along off the field. But that is certainly not the case. Both the teams admire and respect each other a lot. This respect is clearly shown by the Indian team captain Virat Kohli as he sent a gift for the retiring Lala. What is this gift you may ask?

Lala got a signed Virat Kohli shirt from all the Indian players with a message from Virat, “Always a pleasure playing against you”

This just clearly shows the respect the Indians have for Lala and the people from both sides showed their respect and gratitude for this act from Kohli.

Yup. We sure do miss those Indo Pak encounters!

It sure has won over the hearts of the fans!

Sportsman Spirit!

Even though, Kohli has been accused of not being a good sportsman, this gesture clearly shows the class of the man. Afridi has been a thorn in India’s way for a huge number of games and this gift from them shows how much they respect Lala not as a sportsman but also as a human being.

We sure hope that cricket is kept away from politics and we see these two teams lock horns once again in battle!

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