After Snapchat and Snapdeal, Indians are now trolling Sonu Sood, instead of Sonu Nigam!

Second time in a row, Indians did it again. This time they did not target an e-commerce company but a celebrity, Sonu Sood, who’s first name is same as Sonu Nigam’s. People are trolling Sonu Sood for Sonu Nigam’s Azaan tweet. This is a second incident in the last 2 days. First one being the confusion between Snapchat and Snapdeal in which Indian ‘deshbhakht’ started uninstalling Snapdeal app instead of Snapchat over the remards of Snapchat’s CEO.

The history repeated itself so quickly this time. Yesterday, people uninstalled the Snapdeal application and gave it 1 star instead of Snapchat. Today, Indians started trolling the indian actor, Sonu Sood for Nigam’s tweet about being disturbed by Azaan. This innocent soul had to face all the grilling from Twitter for the comment he never made. In the morning, Sonu Nigam, tweeted about being disturbed by azaan and called it forced religiousness and a religious ‘ghundagardi’. He also said, “I don’t believe in any temple or gurudwara using electricity To wake up people who don’t follow the religion”. People confused Sonu Nigam with Sonu Sood and made him the target of their mean tweets.

Sonu Nigam’s tweeted about Azaan and called it FORCED religiousness!


This Pakistani girl trolling Indians

People comparing poor Sonu Sood with Snapdeal! 😀

Sab wrong number hain!

Issi ki kammi reh gayi thii! 

Then finally Sonu Sood Replied!

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