Sonu Nigam’s sleep is disturbed by Azaan! Forced Religiousness? Really India???

India is the so-called biggest democracy in the world but yet they just can’t let Muslims live there. Secularism calls for the state to be unbiased and let all religions flourish and prosper, to let people practice any faith, or even if they don’t want to, it should not concern anyone.

Sonu Nigham

But sadly, all of this so called secularism dies when it comes to Muslims and even the famous singers like Sonu Nigam seems to not know the meaning of co-existing and live and let live I guess. This might be a publicity stunt to get back in the limelight as well as I don’t see him making music anymore. Here is what he shared on Twitter today.

Well, this was just ignorant on the part of Sonu Nigam. There were no CDs, Facebook and Soundcloud in the past, why does he share his music and earn from it? Obviously, he might just be craving attention and publicity. India is after all home to one of the biggest Muslim population in the world.

Thankfully, there are some sane people in India as well, who responded to Mr. Sonu Nigam and his sleeping issues. Here are a few of them..

Yes absolutely! Stop this Gundagardi!

The sad part is that there are a lot of extremists who support this stance.

Sigh! Secular country? Really?

Freedom of expression? Now are you going to kill Priyanka?

Sonu Nigham

For some it is source of calmness and love!

In all honesty, I don’t blame the Indian people for being divided over the issue because they have their opinions but the only thing that needs to stop hypocrisy.  The Hindu Extremists recently beat up a man who was transporting his own cows. They don’t let people eat beef over there. Isn’t that forced religiousness I ask? Forget even that, they don’t treat people in Kashmir like humans. That is not the case of religiousness that is the lowest one can stoop to. If you want fairness and equality in life, start by showing some towards others!

Extremism in any form is bad and should never be tolerated. Be it Hindu, Islamic or the American! Live and let live!

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