5 foods to avoid bad breath!

5 foods to counter bad breath

It can be an embarrassing moment when someone points out that your breath smells. Especially when you are in the company of people you care about. You can keep away from these situations with a bit of knowledge about these foods to avoid bad breath.

1) Cheese

Cheese good for bad breath

You can have a piece of cheese after a meal to keep your mouth from smelling. Eating cheese would increase your saliva production which lowers the acidity levels of your mouth and neutralize those dietary acids which cause bad breath. Not only that the saliva helps clean those bits of food particles stuck to your teeth after a meal which makes your mouth smell. So whenever you come across this super food, have another bite.

2) Apples, Carrots and Celery

apple carrot and celery good for bad breath

These scrubs your teeth clean from the food bits that are stuck to your teeth. Celery causes increased saliva and prevents that yellowish layer of plaque from building up on your teeth. Carrots stimulates the gums which causes increased saliva and counters bacteria which form cavities in teeth. The Polyphenols found in apple fight those bacteria found in your mouth that gives off foul smell.

3) Black Tea

Black Tea good for bad breath

Black Tea is full of Antioxidants and Polyphenols which stops plaque from forming on teeth and it also stops the growth of bacteria which causes foul smell. So if you prefer black tea, you are in luck.

4) Sugar-free Candy or Gum

Chewing Gum good for bad breath

You can chew on a gum to keep your mouth from smelling and it would also helps suppress the craving for food. More saliva is produced when you are chewing a gum so it keeps your mouth clean and neutralize bacteria.Which not only makes it good for your breath but also helps you in weight loss but make sure it is Sugar-free.

5) Water

When your mouth is dry, your breath is most likely to smell bad. This is because dry mouth causes dead cells on tongue which the bacteria in your mouth breaks down and cause foul smell. The best way to counter this is to make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. It not only keeps your mouth moist but also washes out the food particles stuck to your teeth.

Just keep these trick in mind the next time you feel you have bad breath. It will surely help you avoid bad breath.

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