The 5 Changes In Your Workout That Will Get You The Perfect Summer Body

Summer season is well and truly upon us now, and this presents the perfect opportunity for us to get our perfect summer body. While it might sound easy, it is anything but. Shredding and losing fat can be one of the most difficult things you can do in the gym. Sore muscles every morning, with the sweat absolutely draining you in the gym can leave you demotivated sooner than you might have thought. Without complicating things too much, make the following changes in your regimen, and look yourself in the mirror after a couple of months.

Drinks Water, Lots Of It:

This might seem pretty straight-forward, but it actually isn’t. Your general intake of water will naturally increase during the season, but you need to be drinking a lot more than what quenches your thirst. The excess water content in your body will not only maintain your hydration, it will also keep you charged and running throughout the day, aiding protein digestion as well.

Source: Livestrong

Source: Livestrong

The trick is to keep the amount of electrolytes in your body maintained. This can simply be done by adding half a pack of ORS in your water bottle. It will taste nice, and will also keep you on your toes throughout the day, as well as in the gym.

Forget Weights, Focus on Reps:

The perfect summer body requires shredded arms, shoulders, chest and abs, and the secret to getting all these is overworking your body part. If you’ve been working out this past season, you’ve probably gained enough strength to change your methods in the gym. If you plan to restart working out, you’ll probably want to wait a month before you can focus on repetitions.

Source: AskMen

Source: AskMen

Now, what you have to do is to push yourself to the limit. When you’re doing bench presses, flying on the bench, doing shoulder side and front raises, or doing triceps pull-down, start with moderate weight that you enjoy working with, and do three sets of 10,15 and 20 reps respectively. In this way, you’ll be pushing yourself on every set, and therefore, don’t be surprised if you cant feel your body part in the morning.

Its Abs Season:

Getting lean and clean abs can be one of the most difficult things to get in the gym. Many have tried, and many have failed, simply because it often becomes a challenge for the head rather than your abdomen. Doing gut wrenching crunches and leg raises works your waist line, thighs, hamstrings and hip, and often leaves you worn out when you’re done, making your journey home a little more tedious.

Source: AFashionZ

Source: AFashionZ

While the sight of a six pack looks oh so pretty, since you’ve got a life outside the gym as well, you don’t really need those; what you need is a nice, toned and flat tummy. Ask your trainer some simple abdomen exercises, and do them consistently for a couple of months, increasing the number of reps as you get stronger. this should see you through the summer, and maybe even beyond.

Run The Fat Out:


Winters are the perfect time to run on the cardio wearing your nice warm tracks-suits, but is the complete opposite in the summers. The sweat drains you, but also gives the best results. It is a big debate worldwide whether cardio should be done before or after working out, with advocates of either giving cogent enough arguments. It doesn’t matter what they think- do what you think is best for you. Do a thirty minute session three times a week (if you cannot do it everyday), on any machine you like, changing the machines at different days of the week, so that you don’t get bored. Combine a solid cardio session with your weight training and you’ll see appreciable results in no time.

The Summer Body Is Made In The Kitchen:

The summer season helps get the perfect body in one simple way – You want to drink more than you want to eat. There is no use of working hard in the gym if you don’t eat right during the day, and that all depends on what type of physique and goals you have.


This summer, make sure you pack yourself with juices, fruits and boiled chicken and veggies. While one meal of whatever Ammi has made at home is allowed, the rest must follow a strict dietary regimen. Make sure you eat clean food after sun down. This can be done through eating fruits of different sorts, whether in the form of juices or straight out the fridge. You should also be eating boiled/minced meat, which you can combine with your favorite veggies to make a nice salad.

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