Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer leaves Asgard in ashes!

Director, Taika Waititis, of Thor: Ragnarok, the final of the Thor Trilogy, has released the very first teaser. The Thor Ragnarok teaser presents itself with an unexpected coolness factor of Thor, which rather reminds us of Guardians of the Galaxy than one of the two predecessors. Looks good!

In Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, Thor is on the other side of the universe in captivity, without his powerful hammer Mjölnir, and finds himself in a race against time to come back to Asgard. But first, he has to win a deadly gladiatorial contest in which he has to face a former ally and Avenger colleague – the incredible Hulk!

The first pictures of the Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer show a clearly warlike atmosphere. If you know a bit about Nordic mythology, Ragnarök means “fate of the gods” or “goddess dusk” and is the last, epic war between the gods, after which the world goes down. It began with a war between the gods and giants – which is the case in the conflict between Thor and Loki, who is a member of the ice giant.

Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer

In addition to Chris Hemsworth as Donnergott Thor, Mark Ruffalo as a modern Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Cate Blanchett as a dangerous Hela and Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s apostate Loki, Idris Elba will also return as Heimdall and Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin. In addition, there are other Hollywood stars present: Jeff Goldblum as an eccentric grandmaster, Tessa Thompson as a classic hero Valkyrie and Karl Urban as a skurge. In addition, there is still the hope that Jaimie Alexander will return as Lady Sif, Zachary Levi as Fandral, Ray Stevenson as Volstagg and Tadanobu Asano as Hogun. After all, it is the end time – no one can be missing!

Thor: Ragnarok releases on the 26th of October 2017 in theaters.

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