Nasir Khan Jan Has The Perfect Advice On How To Get A Six-Pack

Nasir Khan Jan is absolutely ruling Pakistani Facebook timelines these days. The thirty-year old from Peshawar, who is also a university graduate, has come a long way to entertain almost 167,000 followers of his on Facebook. After singing to The Chainsmokers and challenging legendary Lata Mangeshkar, the vlogger has now turned his attention to fitness, it seems.

Source: DailyPakistan

Source: DailyPakistan

When videos of Nasir Khan Jan first began to surface, he could be seen as a gora, skinny dude, looking like a fool with his shirt unbuttoned. Earlier last year, Nasir posted a video on both his Facebook page and his YouTube account, giving his followers exercising tips. How he couldn’t do a full pull-up himself is a separate matter, though. Fast forward a few months, and Nasir Khan Jan has made progress worth appreciating. His latest video, posted on his page, shows him scantily clad in his boxers, demonstrating a conventional leg-raise, but seems to aim at revealing more than just his shredded abdomen. Watch at your own risk, and remember to focus on his ‘abs’ only!

The awkward and revealing underwear aside, you’ve got to appreciate the progress he has made. To take out time from his busy schedule of making birthday wishes and giving Lata Mangeshkar a run for her money is indeed a commendable job, seriously! But to rub salt into our already open and irreparable wounds, he can be seen with his shirt off again, posing with the smallest bodybuilding competition trophy ever made. His improved traps, puffed chest and pumped arms are all appreciable, but the sight of him without a shirt is just unfathomable.

Wonder if we’ll see Nasir Khan Jan competing with Salman Ahmed in MuscleMania Pro in Miami in the coming years. What a sight that will be!

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