6 Must-Have Organic Products To Survive The Summer!

Summers are here and that means your skin and hair need some extra care and attention to beat the dust and dryness! We’re all for organic products for beauty and personal care.Why? They’re natural, easy on the skin, most of the time out-performs chemicals-based, expensive “fancy” products and, more importantly, are super affordable!

Have no fear: we’ve asked 3 of the best home-grown, Pakistani natural/organic brands to put forth their suggestions of the beauty products to beat the heat and look radiant, fresh and glowing this summer!

1) Spa in a bottle

If you’ve heard about the 24K Gold Serum, then you definitely must know about Spa in a Bottle! They provide chemical free all natural skin care products that made from virgin pressed oils and superior quality essential oils. Here’s what you should be stocking from the brand this summer:

A) 24k Gold Serum (ofcourse!):

An organic and chemical free blend of light essential oils infused with real 24K gold dust and gold flecks for daytime hydration. This oil blend absorbs right into your skin,help in tissue regeneration, maintains skin elasticity, evens out skin tone, fights pigmentation and reduces the appearance of fine lines and gives you a radiant and dewy glow in summers!


Use: Just apply a few drops to finger tips and smooth over face. (Also works as a very effective face primer and it’s also an amazing lip hydrator; apply before the application of liquid matte lipsticks)

Price:  Rs. 600/-

For orders: inbox on

B) Instant Glow Face Mask:

This is a very potent face mask for those who have an oily skin and suffer from acne or have an uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dark areas on face, freckles, large pores, dull skin, premature wrinkles, acne scars and blemishes.

Made with the best, organic home-grown ingredients, regular use ensures a radiant complexion and smooth youthful skin.


Use: Should be made into a paste using honey (or water, or milk, or yogurt) and applied to face, wait for 15 minutes and then wash off) Best to use in the morning for radiant skin and smooth finish that lasts all day!

Price: Rs. 600/-

For orders: Inbox on

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