Is the Pakistani Fashion industry drained of creativity?

Copyright laws are non-existent in the fashion industry. The industry is fast changing and frivolous as consumer demands are fast changing.

While we fully understand that dishing out original designs and coming up with one marketing campaign after another is a challenge, we fail to understand why fashion brands only resort to Google and Pinterest as their source of inspiration. This way every brand’s creativity is stimulated the same way- regardless of how “different” they may proclaim themselves to be.

What annoys us even more is the hadd-haraami of not pushing boundaries and coming up with something original- either in terms of product or marketing. Why don’t brands understand that it is now easier than ever for anyone to spot if your work is not authentic?! Why don’t brands want to be rewarded for genuine creativity?!

A big thank-you to the Instagram bloggers, @aamiriat and @secret_buyer_pakistan for exposing us to bitter truths of the industry- and valiantly. The way they’ve thrown in sarcasm in their posts is just HLARIOUS.

(Ps. go to these Instagram accounts and be blown away by the open plagiarism in the industry!)

Here is what we have learned from them:

1) Sapphire


2) Sana Safinaz


3) Ethnic by Outfitters


4) Saira Shakira


5) Cross Stitch


6) Gul Ahmad

With this, we aim to point out to the brands under discussion that the world is watching. Please don’t live in denial and underestimate your audiences!.


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Sara Haider