Gucci memes itself!?

Gucci is making memes

Just when we had stereotyped Gucci as a “traditional” luxury fashion brand, there came an admission of absurdity!

Gucci, the Italian heritage brand, launched its new collection of timepieces (fancy word for wrist watches) with a “#TFW [That Feeling When] Gucci” campaign on Friday, 17th March.

The collection is (of course) gorgeous but with a new marketing strategy, Alessandro Michele’s( the new Creative Director after Tom Ford) Gucci has now reinforced itself as a brand totally relevant to the cool, 21st century millennials.

How? In collaboration with celebrated meme creators @textsfromyourexistentialist and @beigecardigan and visual artists Amanda Charchian and Olaf Breuning, Gucci has come up with an online campaign, comprising memes that take everyday things and turn them into Gucci-related pockets of humor, as a way to mock itself and Alessandro Michele’s more ostentatious designs.

Regarding the collaborations, Gucci posted the following to Instagram:

Debuting #TFWGucci (That Feel When Gucci). The House’s new collaborative art project in the digital space is a line-up of memes featuring the new #LeMarchédesMerveilles collection of watches.

Here are some that totally cracked us up:

#TFWGucci German artist collective @decorhardcore, born out of a desire to collect and curate strange pictures of furniture, is a creative endeavor run by magpie documentarians. Founder Ksenia Shestakovski and her collaborators make art that renders fantasy tangible, with starkly lit images of seemingly mundane artifacts like hotel beds, antique lamps, and elaborate doilies. The collective’s #TFWGucci pictures, haunting and memorable, are reminiscent of commercial furniture store catalogues: every vivid color and sharp corner oozes frenetic anticipation. @Beigecardigan turns the images into memes that reflect on the fashion world, where supposed ugliness can often become beauty. – Text by @helenh0lmes Discover more through link in bio.

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