Rida Fatima: our very own Jewelry Design maverick from Pakistan

Rida Fatima: our very own Jewelry Design maverick from Pakistan

She was torn between food sciences and fashion. She went with her gut, chose Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, got a distinction in Jewelry and Gemological Science- and the rest, as they say, is history.

What is essential is invisible to the eye

She landed her first job at REMA as the brand was in need of a designer to translate its unique design philosophy into products. The concept was new:statement semi-precious jewelry and launching it in a market where gold jewelry has a firm footing.The collection comprised of ear cuffs, chunky rings and necklaces in gold polish. Her designs were a big hit, exhibitions were a sold-out and REMA quickly rose to fame as one of the most fashion-forward, distinct jewelry brands in Pakistan.


She then joined Suffuse by Sania Yasir and designed the brands first capsule collection comprising beautiful, intricate, artistic pieces yet affordable pieces which were also very well received by the market.


G.Kabirski is a German designer whose designs are a mixture of unusual material, stone, and polish. And Rida is immensely inspired by him. About her own statement style, she comments:

My style is statement jewelry; all my designs are an amalgamation of metal coalesce with stones and treated metal. I firmly believe in ‘less is more’

With each job, there was a growing realization that working for another brand undermines the designers own work:

I have learnt a lot from my jobs. The experience has been amazing. Designing has helped me to be more realistic, far sighted and patient. One thing that always lacked was recognition. So, I ended up freelancing with my own name ‘Ridafatimaconcepts


She wants women to believe in themselves and never under-estimate their own worth. This is why she’s gone solo.

Rida is also the Associate editor of “From NewYork to Lahore”, as fashion blog with an international outlook on Fashion. But of all the things she does, Rida enjoys designing the most as it gives her the power to execute her thoughts on paper to actual products which are a source of joy to her customers.

She finds never ending support in her husband, Mahad and her best friend Nida Nasim. Her husband is also a designer and is very empathetic and supportive just like her in-laws who encourage her to be who she wants to be. She met Nida at her first job at REMA, and since then Nida has always inspired her in pursuing her dreams.

Putting on ear accessory

Rida is now working as a freelancer and working for various fashion brands, undertaking capsule collections for them.

Rida Fatima Concepts sells online and stocks select pieces at Samsara by Khadija Batool’s studio in DHA, Lahore.

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