Farheen Raza: designer by day, singer by night

Farheen Raza

Your degree and education sets the parameters of what you should do in life. Farheen Raza busts this myth.

Even though she has a BBA (hons.) in Business Marketing, with minors in Film Studies and Political Sciences, Farheen has made her mark in the Fashion industry of Pakistan. Working as the Design Head at Zara Shahjahan, one of the leading fashion houses in Pakistan, she has numerous best seller and stellar collections to her credit.

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Interestingly, she was also born with power-packed vocals. There is something very authentic about her voice: raw, mystical and straight from the heart. She never shies away when asked to sing and blows away audiences as she effortlessly hits the high-notes.

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She can’t choose between fashion and music as both make her feel at him. But how did it happen?

She used to make clothes for her family and when in the third year of bachelors, a friend of hers started a small home-based fashion business, she agreed to help. That was when it dawned on her: she was cut out for fashion. By that time Farheen was done with her bachelors and tried to find a good school where she could undertake training in Fashion-but to no avail. She took orders, learning by trial, worked in Pret wear brands and finally, succeeded in scoring a job as a designer at Fahad Hussain, one of the leading couturiers in Pakistan.

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She’s often has to deal with shallow remarks and cynicism for not being a “degree-yafta” designer. But she knows that haters-gonna-hate and forges ahead:

I once read an article and it kind of changed my life. It entailed that to be successful in anything, the one characteristic that one must possess is GRIT- which basically is the quality to not give up even after endless failures, having the unbreakable determination and perseverance for something.

She firmly believes that women have to defend themselves in every way possible is inspired by those who, in the face of all the failures, doubts and criticism, were stubborn enough to believe in themselves and ended up fulfilling their goals and dreams.

It gives me hope that maybe, one day, I might be able to do the same

But things are easy if one has a solid support system, and Farheen finds that in her brave, resilient and beautiful mother.

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This budding star has a lot on her plate right now: she’s worked on Zara Shahjahan Lawn’17 that launches nationwide on 15th March’17. She’s also going to launch her YouTube channel, as she believes that the world is a global community and one does not need major TV platforms or connections to be recognized. Life is simpler now.

Thanks for proving to the women out there to break the box, find their dreams and live them!

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