Anoushey Ashraf Becomes WWF-Pakistan Goodwill Ambassador for Animal and Environment Protection

The World Wildlife Fund has been extremely instrumental in conserving animal and environmental habitats for a very long time in Pakistan, and have added socialite Anoushey Ashraf, a very familiar face, as their Goodwill Ambassador.

Anoushey Ashraf has always been an animal lover, and an opportunity like this was too sweet for her to turn down. She has become part of the team that will be responsible for the conservation of the numerous endangered species of animals and climatic elements that have resulted in Pakistan being one the most illiterate and inactive of countries when it comes to animal and environmental protection. Anoushey touched down in lahore a few days back to finalize her partnership with WWF.

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Its been a very long journey for Anoushey. Most of us who are in our early twenties will remember Anoushey as being the most popular VJs over on the likes of Indus Music, MTV-Pakistan Play TV and The Muzik. The bubbly young girl of the early 2000s then went on to become a tv-show host, presenter, along with numerous appearances in commercials, and has also been the brand ambassador of numerous household names such as Ponds,7Up and Warid. The thirty-four year old can now seen on the red carpet of almost every high profile Fashion Show and Award Night.

On my show today I had the pleasure of chatting with the gorgeous and supremely talented Momina Mustehsan. We discussed cyber bullying at length and how it impacts the life of the person targeted. That was the theme of the show. We spoke on popularity, love, criticism and hate. How it all came so suddenly, without warning and how she copes as being Pakistan’s most googled personality for the year 2016. She’s a superstar through and through. It’s true, years of interaction with (serious) musicians/singers has led me to believe that they are certainly the most pure and genuine of all creative people. Bless this little girl. ❤️ Tune in Mon-Fri at 9:05 am. Dawnnews 🙂 ALSO, did I mention that Momina’s FIRST EVER appearance on a morning show has been our show?? Chai, Toast aur Host!! Yay! #instagram #work #songs #mominamustehsan #chaitoastaurhost @mominamustehsan. And due to popular demand! My outfits this week will be all @mariyamdee 🙂 yay!!

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The WWF have been at it for years and years, and their efforts have gone a long way in making sure that Pakistan can boast a claim to have the likes of the Snow Leopard of the Himalayas, believed to be one of the rarest and least seen animals in the world. Citing as a danger to nearby villages and dwellings, the leopards have been hunted down by locals, reducing them to only a mere 200 to be left in the mountainous ranges of the Himalayas. The Dolphins of the Indus are also under threat, and the WWF have helped educate the locals of their importance to the ecosystem, and have also aided the endangered dolphins stranded in the Sukkur and Guddu Barrages. The WWF have not restricted themselves to the protection of animals alone- they are also involved in protection of Pakistan’s environment, helping reduce man-made contributions to the hampering of the environment to a minimum.

How Can You Help The W.W.F?

You can also become a part of the WWF, like Anoushey. Become a member of WWF-Pakistan, or make a donation, and get the opportunity to make a difference and avail discounts on numerous brands at the same time.

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